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Welcome to Next Generation Organic Farming (NGOF), a leading Sri Lankan agriculture product export company dedicated to showcasing the diverse agricultural treasures of this tropical island nation to the global market.

NGOF is a Newly start up trade in Sri Lanka's rural division in 2021, advertising numerous items to the trade markets. We carry out a expansive organize over the island. We accept in interfacing the neighborhood and the worldwide clients as well as giving the appropriate item to the clients as well as ensuring the ranchers well being.

Join us on this journey as we connect the world to the next generation of organic farming in Sri Lanka. NGOF aims to be the preferred choice for sourcing the finest Sri Lankan agricultural products, offering competitive prices, reliable supply chains, and exceptional customer service. Discover the flavors, aromas, and nutritional benefits of our agricultural treasures and experience why NGOF products are cherished by customers worldwide.

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Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka's vital export, ranking fourth globally in production.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon producer, renowned for quality, flavor, and aroma.

Ceylon Spices

Historical legacy, unique quality, sought-after globally.

Jack Fruit

Jackfruit, Sri Lanka's "the rice tree" during challenging times.

Coconut Kernel

Nourishing, versatile, and delicious coconut kernel products for your enjoyment..

Coconut Non-Kernel

Sustainable, eco-friendly, and versatile non-kernel products for various uses.

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Nurturing communities, empowering farmers, and sharing the essence of nature's goodness with the world.

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